terça-feira, 20 de outubro de 2009

Pensamento do dia

In 1933 F.D. Roosevelt did not stop at the mere confiscation of the constitutionally mandated gold coins of the realm. He sent them to the refinery in order to melt them down. He wanted to expunge the evidence from history that this great republic once had the largest pool of circulating gold coins anywhere, ever. Roosevelt betrayed his oath that he would uphold the U.S. Constitution and went ahead to rob the citizenry by calling in the gold replacing it with Federal Reserve notes, the value of which he promptly cried down by 56 percent, under the disguise of monetary reform.

Antal E. Fekete, The gold basis is dead

Retirado do seu mais recente artigo onde comenta alguns rumores sobre o ouro vindos de Wall Street. Uma leitura interessante para quando não se passa nada no mercado além do renovar de máximos históricos do ouro.

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