quinta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2010


Confesso-me muito surpreendido por encontrar, hoje em dia, alguém assim no mundo dos negócios. Mas quando esse alguém não está apenas num negócio qualquer mas à frente de um banco parece quase um milagre este tipo de negócio ainda atrair gente com principios morais.

He started at BB&T, once known as the Branch Banking and Trust Company, in 1971 and became chief executive in 1989, when the bank had $4.7 billion in assets.

By the time he retired as C.E.O. in December, he had overseen 60 bank and savings-institution acquisitions and turned BB&T into the 11th-largest bank in the nation, with $152 billion in assets, according to the bank


After the Supreme Court upheld the right of local governments in 2005 to condemn private property and hand it to someone else for commercial development, he says, BB&T refused to make loans to developers who obtained property that way.

He also says BB&T decided not to offer the controversial “pick a payment” mortgages that got so many of its competitors into trouble. Such loans, also known as “option A.R.M.’s” or “negative amortization loans,” allow borrowers to make payments that don’t even cover the interest on the loans, which causes the amount they owe to grow.

Banqueiros destes? Venham mais.

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