segunda-feira, 1 de março de 2010

A libra, o Reino Unido e o colapso

Aqui no Inflaccionista vivem-se verdadeiros tempos democráticos. Como tal, comem todos da mesma forma.

“Alarm bells were ringing in Greece for a long time and when it happened, it happened very quickly,” Haig Bathgate, head of strategy at Turcan Connell, said at the company’s offices in the Scottish capital. “The U.K. is in a similar predicament. It could be hit very hard.” [...]

Bruce Stout, whose Murray International Trust Plc in Edinburgh has doubled over the past five years, said the chance of a plummeting pound are “better than even” and his biggest holdings are in Asia and Latin America. He called sterling a “very vulnerable currency.”

A libra está hoje a ser fortemente penalizada nos mercados internacionais.

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