quinta-feira, 14 de abril de 2011

Sizing up the bull

Um bom artigo no Mercenary Trader:

To imagine the bull train rolling merrily along, then, one has to have comfortable answers to the following questions:

What happens when QE2 comes to an end?

What happens to the price of oil in the event of QE3 — and how much more speculation can we handle? Oil $120? Oil $150?

At what point does inflation kill profits, if more “non-core” inflation is what we get?

How long can America’s “have nots” (the bottom 70% pincered by stagflationary forces) be ignored?

Can China really be expected to pull off a soft landing? If they fail, how deflationary is that?

What about Spain — Europe’s true test — where massive real estate losses are yet to be acknowledged?

Whither investor expectations? And where do corporate profit margins go from here?

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