sexta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2010

Unidos por arames (III)

Deste interessante artigo no ZeroHedge sobre o "Euro Endsieg" cuja leitura recomendo na integra destaco a mais recente coscovelhice europeia para mostrar a unidade que rodeia os nossos grandes líderes que nos vão proteger da crise.

Juncker calls Merkel simplistic and un-European, and accuses her of not even studying his proposal before rejecting it;

Merkel says Eurobond was bad on economic and legal grounds, and says her quiet response is intended to bring calm into the debate;

German coalition sources accuse Juncker of making a proposal which would have zero costs for Luxembourg;

Germany’s five-year auction flop – the third auction flop in a row – as 10 year yields rise above 3%;

Brian Lenihan says bondholder default is not an option for Ireland, unless it was supported by the EU;

Strauss Kahn warns the EU crisis response was insufficient, and that the crisis would continue;

Andrew Duff says a fiscal union is not only desirable, but it is the only way for the EU to survive the crisis;

Peter Ehrlich comments on the conspiracy theory that German newspapers want to bring down the eurozone;

Gordon Brown, meanwhile, predicts a huge crisis in the eurozone next year, that requires a high noon EU summit to resolve

Toda esta troca de mimos por causa de uns eurobonds da treta que criam mais problemas do que resolvem.

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