terça-feira, 24 de novembro de 2009

A depressão do século XIV

Um artigo interessante do Mises Institute para quem, como eu, tenha um gostinho por História. Se os nossos governantes partilhassem desse gosto talvez fosse possível aprender com os erros do passado.

Focus on the devastation caused by outbreaks of the Black Death in the mid-14th century is partially correct, but superficial, for these outbreaks were themselves partly caused by an economic breakdown and fall in living standards which began earlier in the century. The causes of the great depression of western Europe can be summed up in one stark phrase: the newly imposed domination of the State.


In a sense, the longest-lasting ill effect from the Black Death was the response of the English Crown in imposing permanent maximum wage control and compulsory labor rationing upon English society. [...] The inevitable result, however, was a grave shortage of labor, since at the statutory maximum wage the demand for labor was enormously greater than the newly scarce supply.

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