segunda-feira, 16 de novembro de 2009

O centenário esquecido

The year 2009 will most likely expire without commemorating the centenary of a most momentous event in history that figures prominently as the main cause of the Great Financial Crisis of the century. This event was the so-called legal tender legislation in 1909. The bank notes of both the Banque de France and the Reichsbank of Germany were made legal tender by law, first in France and then, a very short time later, also in Imperial Germany. The rest of the world followed suit. In this way all roadblocks were removed in the way of financing the coming world war through credits and monetizing the resulting debt through the issuance of bank notes.


The way out of the crisis, and the way to prevent another great Depression, is through the restoration of freedom in the realm of money.

Antal Fekete, One hundred years of legal tender.

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