segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

Pensamento do dia

How can a revival of consumer spending be the key to any recovery? The very word “consume” – as opposed to “invest” – should raise a yellow flag. The belief that consumption is the key to a strong economy is so deeply ingrained that few Americans even question that it has become the basis for all economic decisions made by the federal government. But popular delusion is at a tidal crest when it views pumping up home prices and retail sales as government’s most important domestic role. We might have expected economists to know better, and to help lead us out of the woods, but for the fact that credit-based consumption has become their credo as well. This belief was handed down from on high by Alan Greenspan, the man who single-handedly brought the dismal science to the point of utter disgrace. - Rick Ackerman

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