segunda-feira, 19 de abril de 2010

UE processa Goldman Sachs

Durão Barroso afirmou que estes tipos da Goldman Sachs são os verdadeiros culpados pela erupção dos vulcões islandeses:

In a statement delivered in Romansh, the official EU language of the month, Barroso said, “We have uncovered evidence that this so-called ‘natural disaster’, which is costing the EU hundreds of millions of Euros, is in fact an Act of Goldman, and we intend to hold the Zionist-American cabal in charge of the firm accountable.” “First the profligate Americans drag the world into a near-depression and now they crap all this ash on us. Who the hell do they think they are?” added Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou from Athens, where he was chairing a conference on Greek sovereign debt entitled, “How American Speculators Forced Us to Cook the Books, Lie to Our European Partners, and Pretend We Don’t Need A Massive Bailout”.

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Salvador disse...

isto so' pode ser a gozar nao?

Eles n disseram isso !! sobretudo a falar que eles é q sao os culpados das cinzas lool

Nuno Branco disse...

Claro, meti na etiqueta "Humor" homem :)